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Meher Baba

The Avatars are the manifestation of the same Divine element incarnate in this world at different times; therefore their teachings have to be adapted to the mentality of their epoch.

At times the Avatar bases His teaching on the search for the personal God; and at another time on the search for the impersonal aspect of God. At one time He will prohibit the eating of pig's meat, drinking of wine, or the eating of cow's meat. It is as in a hospital where the sick complain about their thirst; the doctor will prescribe tea or coffee in the morning, water or a refreshing fruit juice in the afternoon and in the evening sour milk; then before sleeping, hot milk.

God, manifesting through the Avatar of different periods, quenches the thirst of man in different ways. All human beings, whether consciously or unconsciously, have the same thirst for truth.

TREASURES, pp. 175-176, ed. Jane Barry Haynes
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