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What does 'Love' mean? We find volumes and volumes written. There are very few who have found out Love and who have it.

None present here loves Me as I ought to be loved. You are not conscious of My real State, because you do not love Me as I love you.

The Mandali is fully prepared to lay down their lives for Me. Even they do not love Me as I love them. Had they that Love, they would become one with Me.

You and I remain divided by no other veil than "you" yourself, i.e., 'I' in you. For example, you see a very beautiful girl and you will fall in love with her. There is so much unrest. Your whole mind is on that. You forget hunger and sleep etc. I am talking of real love for worldly beings (not mere lust).

But love for Me expects much more than this — much more than a fish out of water. It is not easy for all. Rarely one person can try to cope up with that Love.

Had I been in your place, I would not have been able to love Myself as I ought to be loved. This is a fact.


LIFE IS A JEST, p. 63, ed A. K. Hajra
1969 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust Avatar


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