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From 8 to 9 A.M. on Saturday, July 21st (1956), Baba held private conferences with several small groups in his hotel room. Bili Eaton told him, "Baba, I would like to love you more than I love myself."

"Do that," he said, "And you will have everything!"

Baba asked Ivy Duce, regarding Charmian's upcoming marriage to Jay Corrinet, "Are you happy?"

"No, I am not happy," and she burst into tears.

Baba looked at her sternly. "You believe I am God, then why are you not happy? Don't you think I know best?"

"My heart accepts, Baba, but my head is still churning around."

Baba smiled and wiped Ivy's eyes with his handkerchief. Handing it to her, he said, "Always keep it. Don't lose it."

"Baba, there are so many things I wish to do for you," Ivy declared, "but these broken feet won't let me!"

Baba said, "Can't you take this much? Look what they did to me when I was Jesus — put all those thorns on my head, which drew blood, made me carry the cross. They beat me, nailed me on the cross and pierced my side. I had to withstand so much! Can't you withstand this much pain?"

Ivy Duce later recalled: "If you could have seen how realistically Baba said all this, one would never ever doubt that he did suffer on the cross, and you would never feel like complaining again about anything."


LORD MEHER, 1st ed, Vol. 14, p. 4965, Bhau Kalchuri
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