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Meher Baba

The West looks at things only from the standpoint of reason and logic, and is skeptical about things which baffle the intellect. Intellect is the lowest form of understanding and is simply developed by reading, hearing, reasoning and logic. These processes create an illusion of knowledge.

A higher state of understanding is permanent illumination, through which the illumined one experiences and sees all things as they are. In this state, one feels in harmony with everyone and everything, and realizes the divinity in every phase of life, and is able to impart happiness to others. Once this state is attained, one attends to all duties and material affairs, and yet feels mentally detached from the world. This is true renunciation.

The last and highest state of understanding is the merging of the soul into the Limitless Ocean of infinite bliss, knowledge and power. The Perfect One who has himself attained this freedom can make thousands perfect like himself.


THE GOD-SEEKER, p. 32, Minoo Kharas
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