Symbols of the world's religions

Part 2


Bhau Kalchuri

During those days, Bhau felt as if a thunderstorm were bursting over his head. Baba showed his aversion to him and would not allow him to come near him. At night, Bhau would be on watch, and during the day he would remain in his room writing. He was working on Hindi ghazals at the time (later titled Meher Geet Suda [Songs of Meher's Wine]), but Baba was totally indifferent toward his efforts. Bhau felt as if Baba's days were numbered and his life was coming to an end. All the mandali felt similarly.

Becoming indifferent to all, Baba made them interested in his disinterestedness. The more passive he was, the more attentive they were to him. On account of his indifferent attitude, the mandali were more determined and cautious than ever in following his behests to avoid the least cause of annoyance to him.


LORD MEHER, Online revised ed, p. 4722
1995 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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