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Darwin C. Shaw

While we were with Baba, time seemed to vanish far, far from our consciousness, but we actually were with him on that occasion for about twenty minutes.

The experience of being there with Baba was so incredibly wonderful that I found myself thinking, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if Baba gave us something to keep as a memento of this occasion?" Instantly, Baba motioned to Chanji to bring a rose from a nearby vase. Then he gave each one of us a pink petal, saying, through Chanji and the alphabet board, "This is something for you to keep as a memento of this occasion." I was truly amazed and very grateful.

Baba filled our hearts with love and light. Being with him was a taste of Heaven itself. We left him, feeling secure in the sanctuary of his love and knowing that somehow, someplace, we would see him again in the future.

After leaving the hotel, we started our long drive back home to Schenectady. The night was extremely cold, and there was no heater in the car. We became very sleepy on the way and had to talk and sing to keep awake. Then the car broke down, out on the lonely road. Luckily we were near a town, and I was able to get the car towed in to a garage, where it was quickly repaired. Soon we were on our way again, and by Baba's grace arrived home safely — and sublimely happy.

A year after our first physical meeting with Meher Baba, December 24, 1935, we received this cable from Baba: "My Love for you Beloved Ones is as Infinite and Eternal as my Divine Existence." This was one of the most beautiful and heartwarming messages we ever received from Baba.


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