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Kishan Singh

30-9-1954: On entering Upper Meherabad, Baba walked straight into the Tomb followed by those who were accompanying him. He asked all to sit down on the platform and at 09:10 hours said:

"This is the place of my seclusion. I sat here continually for a year, 1927-28. During this period I did not take any solid food but only drank coffee. Before sitting in seclusion here I had instructed the women mandali to bring a flask full of coffee and send it to me to last for the day. A Harijan boy named Lahu was deputed to bring the flask full of coffee every day. I noticed that the flask was brought to me each day only half full. On completion of the year long seclusion, I enquired why the women mandali sent me only half a flask of coffee, contrary to my instructions. They assured me that each day they had sent a full flask.

"I then called the little boy Lahu, embraced him and asked him to tell the truth. He confessed, 'Baba while bringing the coffee, I felt thirsty and drank half the flask of coffee every day.'

"In this way for one year I took the boy's 'prasad' of (partly drunk) coffee."

THE BELOVED, Naosherwan Anzar, p. 73
1974 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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