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Ivy O. Duce

It was my intention to give illustrations of Meher Baba's way of transforming people, but even the few case histories which I have collected are too many to interject into the story outlined in this book. They break up too greatly such little continuity as I can furnish. Categorically speaking, various aspects of the Master's working could be characterized as follows:

A.  Archetypal acts. These are symbolic acts having to do with the Avatar's mission of giving all of his Creation a spiritual push. For instance, in bathing, feeding and dressing one small orphan, the Avatar puts his will into this act so that it will benefit orphans and orphanages all over the world, or some specific orphanages in special locations.

B.  Helping people work out their karma — often very painful.

C.  Using energy to direct forces and thoughts.

D.  Using the spiritual purity of masts to help the world.

E.  Taking on the results of karma. This does not mean taking on karma but changing its results by suffering for humanity. This can be the individual karma of people and/or global karma.

F.  Directing disciples to perform seemingly meaningless tasks in order to help some person or group elsewhere to come through a particular emergency.

G.  Cutting down the false ego by a variety of means, such as: exhaustion, humiliation, tension.

H.  Teaching patience; teaching freedom from worry through total dependence upon God.

I.  Using visible and invisible agents; and using other than his gross body for certain work.

J.  Love, grace, faith, honesty.

K.  Development of detachment and selfless service.

L.  Miracles.

HOW A MASTER WORKS, pp. xx & xxi, Ivy Oneita Duce
1975 © Sufism Reoriented, Inc.


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