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Margaret Craske

Towards the end of World War II Baba was, with the disciples, staying at Dehra Dun. On Baba's birthday, to celebrate the occasion, Katie and Kitty made a cake. At this time it was not possible to obtain all the ingredients to make a good cake, but they made up for lack of flavor-inspiration by building a magnificent cake of seven tiers. Each tier, of course, representing one of the spiritual planes.

It was round in shape and each tier, as the cake went up, was slightly smaller than the one before. A small wooden ladder ran up the side and a figure, rather shapeless, had managed to crawl up to the "third plane."

In the evening, the cake was presented, and Baba showed His loving admiration and pleasure, and everyone was happy. Baba then stepped forward, touched the cake, seized the seventh plane section, tore it off and took it out of the room. Well, that put all of us where we belonged! Baba returned, cut the rest of the cake, and then said that He would give us a little wine.

In all the years that I was with Him, I do not remember this happening more than three times. We sat round the room, crosslegged on the floor, and suddenly this wine went to my head. Looking at Baba, I felt and saw that He was Easter Sunday. This may sound like nonsense, but as a child that day had always meant for me that light had come after the dark winter.

Baba then called me and I sat on the floor beside His chair, with my head on His knee. After a time He leaned down and spelled on the board: "Tonight is Heaven."

I had a moment of truth and stammered out, "Yes, but tomorrow won't be."

Baba laughed.


THE DANCE OF LOVE, p. 160-161
1980 © Sheriar Press, Inc.


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