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Meher Baba (Through Norina Matchabelli)

In 1947, the Master, through the spiritual thought-order, called to attention the small group of devotees ... that they should go out and find in the slums of the crowded city of New York, the most unfortunate and hopeless ones, that He may bestow to them His spiritual Blessing.

Baba's Blessing to the Poor:

"Let me help you. I can help you. Rest assured that I will help you. You shall know this when I come in Person and have you share the TREASURE that I behold for each and every one of you ... that you may SHARE it with Me and all others ... It is LOVE. DO NOT WORRY."

NORINA'S GIFT, p. 69-70, Christopher Wilson and Charles Haynes
1997 © EliNor Publications


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