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Meher Baba

Everyone wants to be happy. Each of you seeks happiness in one way or another invariably to meet with dissatisfaction and disappointment. In reality you are Bliss itself — but what a comedy Illusion stages before you, what game it makes of you to make you aware of it!

One of my lovers has complained, Baba, I have led a pure life yet I have had to suffer much. Perhaps others of you have a similar complaint; but you can only have such because you have no idea of the purpose behind it all. I do not mean that you should invite suffering; I mean, do not fear suffering or blame anyone for it.

According to the Law that governs the universe, all suffering is your labour of love to unveil your Real Self. In comparison to the Infinite Bliss you experience on attaining the I-am-God state, all the suffering and agony you go through amounts to practically nothing.

I am the Source of Infinite Bliss. To draw you to me and to make you realize that you are Bliss Itself, I come amidst you and suffer infinite agony.


1989 Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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