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Meher Baba

The sound sleep state of God in the man state not only resembles the divine sound sleep state of God but is literally the same original divine sound sleep state of God in the Beyond the Beyond state of God-Is where unbounded, absolute vacuum prevails.

When man passes away in the sound sleep state, absolute vacuum and no consciousness prevails, and though the "self" in man continues to breathe normally, yet in that "self" of man there is no consciousness of its limited "I" or ego, nor is there consciousness of the limited mind, energy, body or the world. The self in man is not even conscious of its own being. In short, in the sound sleep state of man the "self-is" and consciousness "is-not."

When a man wakes up daily from his sound sleep state he normally just wakes up for no reason whatsoever except that his own dormant consciousness of impressions urges or excites his sub-consciousness to eject out the consciousness, and experience the dormant impressions which apparently vanish in sound sleep. Therefore, as soon as the man wakes up, he invariably and simultaneously gains consciousness at first of his surroundings and gradually then of his own "self" with all of its paraphernalia of limited "I," the mind, energy, the body and the world.

Similarly, no rhyme, no reason and no cause other than the original infinite whim of the absolutely independent God was the actual Cause — the original cause — for God in the original divine sound sleep state to wake up out of the unbounded, original vacuum.


GOD SPEAKS, pp. 101-102
1973 © Sufism Reoriented, Inc.


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