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Meher Baba

When God in the man state, as man, is in sound sleep, and when time and space as the day and the universe of the man have all been apparently destroyed for him, then what is it that every day unfailingly creates his daily morning for him? And again, when man wakes up every day, then what is it that unfailingly creates for him his universe and all the things that are of it and in it?

It is the man's own dormant impressions gathered during the course of the evolution of consciousness, and during the process of reincarnation, that incite his own dormant consciousness during sound sleep to wake him up inadvertently every day, so that the man's own dormant impressions may have the necessary scope to become exhausted through conscious experiences during his awake state. In this manner the man's own impressions in the dormant state create for the man his own morning and his own universe every day.

Although both the daily morning and the universe of the man were simultaneously created for him by his own dormant impressions, yet both were already handily preserved for him by his own impressions of his life in the everyday awake state, and also through the procreation in his own everyday life of deeper and deeper impressions or sanskaras of the already existing Illusion, or of the original creation, which sprang from the original whim of God. Eventually, both the morning (or the day) and the universe of the man are destroyed by the man's own opposite impressions experienced in his sleep state, which are diametrically opposite to the impressions of his awake state.

Hence, in regular unfailing succession, God in the man state as man, consistently asserts Himself as the Creator of His own Creation through the dormant impressions of man; as the Preserver of His own Creation through man's leading the everyday life in the awake state, procreating the impressions of creation; and as the Destroyer of His own Creation through the opposite impressions of man when he falls asleep and ultimately passes away in the sound sleep state.

Every day, finally destroying the very creation as individualized by his consciousness, man once again creates, preserves and destroys the whole creation through the play of impressions. Even through the very being of every thing and of every creation, God consistently asserts His infinite triune attributes as the Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer.


GOD SPEAKS, pp. 110-111
1973 © Sufism Reoriented, Inc.


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