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Meher Baba

The particular route by which the worldly man will start his search is determined by his temperament and environment. But when he enters the inner spiritual path he seeks the truth of consciousness as it is.

This quest for the real compels him to transcend the obscurities of the mind and the twisting which arise from temperament and environment. Even as the inner truths unfold, these factors continue to limit his consciousness, but he is now impelled to make a conscious effort to free himself from their entanglements.

The first evidence in the aspirant of freedom from limitations imposed by the subjective mind is that he begins to understand without prejudice his own nature and environment. To react intelligently to environment is impossible unless its true meaning is understood.


LISTEN, HUMANITY, p. 162, ed Don E. Stevens
1982 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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