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Arnavaz N. Dadachanji


"... live a normal life and just love Baba. Then you will have a curtain of Baba's love protecting you from the world." — Meher Baba

His [Meher Baba's] many visits to Ashiana, beginning in 1947, brought us great joy. Baba liked Ashiana. The first time He came to our apartment, He went from room to room admiring the furniture and the curtains, and He made me open all the cupboards. He especially dmired the large wardrobe where Nariman hung his clothes.

During His second visit He took Gustadji on a tour of the apartment, and I had fun following the two of them around as Baba showed him each room. Of course Baba pointed out Nariman's wardrobe, with shirts hanging on one side and suits and ties on the other. Gustadji had never seen clothes hanging in such a manner before, as he had always kept his belongings in a trunk.

Because Gustadji had long kept silence by Baba's order, they spoke in gestures as they looked at all Nariman's clothes. Their faces, especially their eyes, were wonderfully expressive when they found something they particularly admired. With their colourful, animated personalities they reminded me of two eager children, innocently pure, whose mutual enjoyment as they gestured back and forth to each other was a delight to behold.


GIFT OF GOD, p. 105
1996 © Meherazad Trust for Avatar Meher Baba


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