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Bhau Kalchuri

On the way to Nepal, the train stopped at Lucknow, where Baba went to the town to buy new sandals; not liking any, he returned to the station. He was constantly wearing the kamli woolen coat given by Yeshwant Rao and the sandals made by Kanhoba Rao; for some unexplained reason, he would not wear any other coat or sandals.

Stopped at Raxaul, on the Nepal frontier, Baba and the men were refused permission to cross the border....

Giving up the idea of a journey to Nepal, Baba led the men to visit the tomb of Kabir at Maghar instead, remaining there for two days. The renowned poet and Perfect Master Kabir, who embodied a mixture of Hindu and Muslim qualities, has two shrines in Maghar. It is said that when Kabir died his body transformed into a great lotus flower, which was cut in half and divided among his Muslim and Hindu disciples, thus he has two tombs — one tomb where Hindus worship and another where Muslims pay homage. Each following is of the opinion that theirs is the real grave. Baba paid respects to both places.

LORD MEHER, 1st ed, Vol. 2, pp. 602-603
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