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Part 2

Ross Keating

In the context of his on-going quest for understanding beauty, in the light of this mystical experience, Brabazon concluded that "Sparkie is just beauty. And as such, is to me the most cherished form of BABA who is the All-pervading God in every form.... She is non-existent except in Him; but in Him she is existent in my eyes as beauty".

Much of "Dawn through to Sunrise" can be seen as Brabazon's attempt to express the dynamic nature of this discovery in which the "dawn" represents Sparkie and "the Sun", Meher Baba.

"If the sun had not kissed me,
The dawn would have become my pilgrimage.
But since that morning and the bestowal of blessing,
She has become my companion and accommodation.
Therefore is her activity with mine: we walk hand in hand.
And the sun and the rain make our path green,
And our bed is fresh with sea breezes."

"One must make a relationship to God,
And Sadguru is the best relationship.
One's father, mother, sweetheart, wife, or friend
Is nothing but Sadguru.
Just as the Dawn is nothing but the Sun:
Her curls, His glance, reaching down from
       abodes of silence
Upon courageous shoulders of my fair one;
Putting hope and colour into my cheeks,
Sharpening my eyes to reflecting points of light;
Levelling my mind of its edges,
Thickening my speech to incoherency."

Indeed, as Brabazon expressed it, this was the beginning of his "true creativity" — the beginning of his own unique style of poetry.


2002 © Ross Keating


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