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Rano Gayley

When we were at Meherazad, Baba would work in Mandali Hall, seated in his chair by the window. As soon as word was passed that Baba was going to work, all activity in Meherazad ceased. The garden boys put down their watering cans and turned off the taps. The household workers stopped washing clothes and kitchen utensils. The men mandali remained quiet in their quarters and we women in ours.

Only the birds went on warbling their sweet songs. They were indeed privileged, as Baba said their singing did not disturb him. So in the midst of this manmade silence there were only the song of the birds and in the distance the muted barking of a dog. However, should anyone inadvertently sneeze or cough, or one of the workers carelessly drop a lid, then there would be a loud clap from Baba and one of the mandali would go to him. "What was that disturbance?" The culprit would be tracked down and scolded, then again silence. This continued until Baba finished his work and clapped, and word went out that we could resume our daily activities.

The same procedure took place at Guruprasad. There, however, Baba would do his seclusion work in his room. A yellow sofachair was brought in to make Baba more comfortable and Baba gave us all strict instructions regarding this chair. Under no circumstances should anyone touch the chair and no part of their garments should even brush against it. Only Mehera was allowed to touch it.

Whenever we were called to be with Baba in his room, our focus was constantly on the yellow chair. In spite of so much care, one day someone's skirt just missed touching the chair and Baba noticed. He again instilled in us the importance of the yellow chair, saying if anyone touched it, all his work would be undone. From that day on, a cord was put around the chair to protect it.

Each day Baba would shut himself up in his room and, as at Meherazad, all activity ceased for the time being. When the session was completed, Baba would clap and Eruch and one of the other mandali would go to him immediately. Eruch told us how Baba would be drenched with perspiration and his thighs stiff and bruised from the pounding he gave them to keep the physical link while doing his universal work. Before leaving Guruprasad in 1968, Baba told us that his work was finished 100 per cent to his satisfaction.

BECAUSE OF LOVE, pp. 60-61
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