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Bhau Kalchuri

The universe is the outcome of the whim of the Lord. When the Lord realized his own whim and observed the outcome of his whim in the form of creation, he took the responsibility of the whole universe upon himself. He turned the creation into his playground in which to play his divine game.

At the beginning the Lord was a mischievous child and after so many countless ages he has become the Ancient One to mankind. Despite what mankind thinks, creation remains the whim of this mischievous child, and no matter how he reveals himself to man as the Ancient One, in him always remains that mischievous and whimsical nature.

The Lord plays his game of creation continuously at great cost to himself in his impersonal formless form. Since it is not possible for mankind to recognize or understand his game, he visits earth in human form, born as a child, to place his seal in the hearts of humanity.

As man he works so that his seal is stamped into every aspect of life, and when this work is completed he drops the body as an old man, so that creation can feel the universal push for all levels of consciousness.

This child whom we worship as the Lord, his whim is born of eternity, and infinity itself rises to manifest out of his whim. The mischievous child who eternally feels the urge to play visits earth, and forms a circle of friends to play with him in his self-created universal game.


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