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Khodayar Feridoon

Even in his silence, Baba would occasionally give us some discourses. One of the things that I remember hearing from him in my childhood concerns the evolution of forms and how man dies from the inanimate and becomes animate, and then dies from animal forms and becomes man.

He explained this to us using a dog. Baba gathered its limbs all together and bent them inside. The head was also bent inside. He explained that this was the state of the inanimate. This is the stone form which is the dwelling place of the soul in the beginning.

And then gradually he opened the limbs. He stretched the legs toward the sky and explained that this is what happens in the plant form. So, this dog was all together, with all its limbs inside. Then Baba opened the leg which was pointing up and said that this was the plant, and that it was getting nourishment through the head from the ground.

Then he brought down the leg and made the dog stand on four legs. By gestures he pointed out that this is the animal state. He explained that when the plant becomes animal, the four limbs extend out and he stands on four legs.

Then Baba made the dog stand up on two feet. Then Baba said this is the human form and that even from the beginning it was a human.

Baba explained all of this very beautifully to us by the use of this dog, all in silence, and it was very enjoyable for us.


THE AWAKENER MAGAZINE, Vol. 17, No. 2, pp. 30-31, ed. Filis Frederick
1977 © Universal Spiritual League in America, Inc.


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