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Meher Baba

The value of service depends upon the kind of good which is secured through it. Ministering to the bodily needs of others is service; cultivation of the intellect of others is service; feeding the hearts of people is service; satisfying the aesthetic requirements of society is service.

All these forms of service are not of the same value, even if they are all accompanied by a spirit of selflessness. The kind of well-being which is sought through service will depend upon the vision of the person, and he who has the clearest perception of final good will be in a position to render the most important and valuable type of service.

Those who have not found the supreme Truth are incapable of this highest type of service. Their service cannot have the same value for Creation as the service of a person who has arrived at finality in spiritual understanding. In a sense, true service begins after Realization.

Nevertheless, the spirit of service which is invariably present in aspirants and good persons can be harnessed and creatively utilised for spiritual purposes if it is allied with the work of a Master.


DISCOURSES, 6th ed, vol 1, pp. 131-132
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