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Dr. Abdul Ghani

A regular visitor to Hazrat Babajan could never miss hearing her constant muttering to herself, worded somewhat like this: "Vermins are troubling me incessantly; I sweep them away, but still they keep on gathering." Simultaneously with these mutterings, unintelligible to listeners, she would keep on moving the palms of her hands all over her body, as if removing dust or cobwebs.

Hazrat Meher Baba, when questioned as to the meaning and significance of the above meaningless utterance and the almost constant movement of the hands, gave the following illuminating explanation.

"Annihilation of all Amal (actions) good and bad, means Najat (salvation) and Babajan being God-realized, was much above the state of salvation. She not only had no Amal (actions) to account for but was in a position to destroy the Amals of others. The physical body of a saint like Babajan, when working on the earthly plane after realization, becomes the focal point to which myriads and myriads of Amal of the universe get attracted, and getting purified in the furnace of Divinity, i.e., the body of the saint, they go out again into the universe as spiritual Amal.

"Take for instance the white ants which, you know, have a tremendous power of multiplying. The queen of the white ants, a fat round bulky creature about three to four inches in length, feeds upon it own kind, the smaller ants. But the queen procreates much more than what she consumes. Likewise perfect saints like Babajan give out more spiritual Amal to the world than what they destroy. Hence it is that living saints are a blessing and mercy to the world, whether one knows it or not."

This condition (halat) in saints is the aspect of Divine love and beauty (Shane-jamal).


HAZRAT BABAJAN, pp. 32-33, ed K. K. Ramakrishnan
1981 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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