Symbols of the world's religions

Part 1


Keshava Narayan Nigam

Baba went into a strict seclusion for 40 days from 22nd June 1949. In that seclusion no one was allowed to send to Him even a telegram. So besides the tests and trials that came before me at home and in the office during the silence, there came yet a very funny trial before me during that period.

On the 6th July 1949, I had to give evidence in a murder case in the court of the sessions Judge at Datia near Jhansi. So for that purpose I left on 5th July with my orderly Brij Mohan. He was moon blind, which I did not know then, nor had he himself told me about it. In the evening we journeyed by train from Satana to Manikpur junction.

It was twilight when we reached Manikpur. The stoppage of train was very short there. Brij Mohan, instead of getting down from the train from the main door, jumped through the side window on the platform over the pitcher of a milk seller. The pot rolled on the platform and whole of its milk flowed out. At this the enraged milk seller caught hold of Brij Mohan's neck.

I was greatly perturbed to see this, because the luggage was yet to be unloaded from the train, while Brij Mohan was caught by the milk man. I was observing silence so I could not speak anything to the milk man. So I hurriedly threw all the luggage on the platform, and then with angry look gazed at the milk man and gestured with my hand to him to leave Brij Mohan.

Baba's magic worked here wonderfully, as the milk man seemed to have got frightened at my frowning look and silent scolding, as a result of which he left the neck of Brij Mohan and began talking to me very meekly and humbly, "Look at this man, Babuji! He has spilt over all my milk." I gave him certain silent soothing gestures. At this he went away still grumbling at Brij Mohan, "Come along. I will see you."

I was feeling perturbed to think as to what further trouble this may bring to us, because for all practical purposes I was "dumb" and Brij Mohan was "blind".


© Mrs. Sudha Keshava Nigham, Dr. Meher Jyoti Kulshreshtha


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