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A Very Funny Trial: Part 2


Keshava Narayan Nigam

Brij Mohan took up the luggage and we proceeded to get into the connecting train, but after going along a few steps, Brij Mohan dashed against an old woman who staggered on the ground crying pitiably. This made me further perplexed because due to silence I could say nothing to Brij Mohan or to that lady. I tried to console and pacify her with my silent gestures.

Again, we proceeded along towards the train. As we passed by the ticket checker on the platform, he asked Brij Mohan to show him the tickets, but Brij Mohan would pay no heed to him. The ticket checker called him out again but Brij Mohqan went along with his perfect ease. Then one of my friends, who had joined me on the train in the way, intervened. He went and asked Brij Mohan to show the tickets to the T.C., which he did and I felt at ease. Now we got into the Manikpur-Jhansi passenger train for Datia.

For the journey I had given all my money to Brij Mohan to spend and keep safely with him. Now it was supper time and I wanted something to eat. Brij Mohan had money into his pocket, so I patted twice on his pocket, and simultaneously gestured with my hand to him to go and bring food for me from that money. But 'blind' Brij Mohan thought that perhaps someone was trying to take money out of his pocket, so instead of going to purchase food for me he caught hold of his pocket tightly and sat quite alert.

He could not see my gestures and I could not make him hear my voice, so he would not move to do anything. How I could manage things in such circumstances was the problem before me.

But here again my same friend came to my help and he brought food for me. By now I had become totally perturbed and perplexed. The idea looming before me constantly was-with such strange beginning of journey, how would the whole journey be completed?


© Mrs. Sudha Keshava Nigham and Dr. Meher Jyoti Kulshreshtha


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