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Bal Natu

On a day when his [Vir Inder Singh's] longing reached perhaps the apex of its intensity, Sardar Singh came with the message, "Baba wants you to come to Him tomorrow."

It is said that when a lover longs to meet his beloved Master, it is, in fact, only a feeble response to the deeper love which the Beloved has for the lover. Vir Inder wanted to know whether Baba had come back to Dhera Dun, and Baba responded with a compassionate call, inviting him to be in His very presence.

The following morning he rose early but soon discovered to his dismay that, in his overpowering exuberance at the thought of meeting Baba, he had totally forgotten to order flowers for the Beloved Master. As he also wanted to prepare a sweet dish for Baba with his own hands, he collected and sifted the very best ingredients for making rava.

Absorbed in thoughts of Baba's splendor and beauty, he prepared the rava himself. When it was ready, to his great delight, he felt the omnipresent Master appear before him and bless the dish by tasting a bit of it.

With a glass bowl filled with rava, he set out with his wife to meet the Master. On the way, he saw a man approaching with a basket of fresh flowers. Vir Inder asked him if they were for sale and the man, a total stranger, lovingly looked at him and to his surprise handed him the basket saying, "It's for you," and went on his way. Incredible!

Now Vir Inder and his wife, with a bowl full of sweet rava and a basket of flowers, began to walk towards the main road. Just then they met one of their friends who asked where they were going. On hearing that they were on their way to 107-A Rajpur Road, he most willingly offered them a lift in his car.

Everything that was happening seemed to be a marvel, and in that marvelous mood, Vir Inder and his wife reached the house much earlier than the appointed time. Such surprising happenings were perhaps archetypes for the greater coincidences that were to happen in later years in bringing Baba lovers closer to Baba after He shed the "cloak" He had worn.

Happily, Baba had already arrived and was sitting with the mandali. Hearing that Vir Inder had come, Baba sent word to usher him and his wife in at once. With the bowl of rava and basket of flowers they stood before Baba, who was obviously very pleased.

After paying homage to Baba, Vir Inder desired to give a morsel of rava personally to Baba, but He gestured, "No." As Vir Inder looked visibly disappointed, Baba, to his surprise, conveyed that He had not only tasted the rava when it was ready, but had also relished it because it was prepared with such love.

He then asked Vir Inder to distribute this as His prasad  to the mandali. This was a direct confirmation from Baba about His being present at Vir Inder's house. Although Vir Inder's experience seemed remarkable, Baba has revealed that He is equally for all and that each of His lovers receives a special dispensation of His grace and blessings.


GLIMPSES OF THE GOD-MAN, Vol. 4, pp. 127-129
1984 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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