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Meher Baba

I want you to know that love for Me should not have any demands or wants. Wanting has its origin in the very first urge of God to know Himself. This Original Want has expanded into so many different illusory wants which are continuous, life after life, until finally you get fed up with wanting, and want nothing. At that instant you get the answer to the first question, "Who am I?" with "I am God."

Live a normal life, Baba said, and just love Me and do not be attached to living. Then you will have a curtain of Baba's love protecting you from the world.

Deny your false self, and your Real Self asserts itself. Ask for nothing and you get everything. Renounce everything to such an extent that you eventually renounce even renunciation.


THE TURNING OF THE KEY, p. 64, Bill Le Page
1993 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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