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Jesus, being God and omnipotent, allowed Himself to be helpless, humiliated and crucified. He knew it all, because He had planned it all, long ago, and He did it for all. But to have the right result, He had to experience the helplessness and the suffering. Do not think that because He was all-powerful, He did not suffer the humiliation and the crucifixion, or it would not then have had the desired effect.

Some people think that because I am one with God, My body is not affected by anything. At times, so as not to hurt their feelings, I have to behave as though I do not feel cold or the sun. Someone came and sat by me when full of cold, and thought "as Baba is God, this cannot affect Him." But I am on the human level, and must behave as on the human level. So when I saw she had cold and fever, I also saw that she would not like it if I turned away, so I held My breath.

The first time I was in London, it was drizzling and cold, and everyone was wearing warm clothes, and they wanted Me to be filmed in these thin clothes, thinking it did not matter to Me. So I had to feel cheerful and I afterwards sent for a warm coat. All the Mandali know that when Meherabad was in full swing with asylums, hospitals, etc., I was very thin; and when I discarded the old coat of Mine, I used to go about supervising and being cheerful with everyone, and being everywhere, and used to keep fit. Even now I feel fit, but I think I shall catch cold from you all.

THREE INCREDIBLE WEEKS, pp. 89-90, Charles Purdom & Malcolm Schloss
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