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Najoo Kotwal

Life in the ashram was quite different from our old life. On her very first day on the Hill, Mummy was at the tap washing her face when Baba passed by on His way from His tin cabin to Mehera's room. He noticed that Mummy had left the tap on and was wasting water. He immediately stopped and, just as a mother would instruct a child, demonstrated to her how she could save water, which was scarce, and still wash her face well.

It was in moments like this that the Lord of the Universe saw to the smallest details of our lives. Baba always treated us according to our needs. For example, soon after we arrived in Meherabad, He instructed everyone to observe a strict fast, taking water only.

Mummy, who had never fasted before, felt very sick and weak, so giddy that it was difficult for her to look after Adi. Baba, passing by, saw her lying in bed with Adi sitting beside her. He went into Mehera's room and brought four biscuits, which He placed in Mummy's hand, closing it. Not a word was exchanged, and no one else noticed what had taken place.


2006 © Meherwan Kotwal


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