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Ramjoo Abdulla

After supper, Baba and some others were carrying on random poetry composing in the dining room. However, during the compositions, Baba said he felt like going to the water-closet and at the same time he said he did not like to break the subject, hence asked if anybody liked to accompany him.

Doctor and Adi volunteered, and accordingly, both of them occupied the two latrines on each side of the central one occupied by Baba; while myself, Fardoon and Asthma waited outside the three latrines. For about half an hour, the art of poetry composing was carried on amidst the peculiar atmosphere of dirt and bad smell of the latrines and surrounding gutters, an atmosphere in which even a genuine poet may for the time being forget his natural gift!

Whatever be the real underlying reason for this strange incident, as there is bound to be, as proved by so many such peculiar actions and words of Baba coming to be reasoned out in the course of time, the pastime was highly amusing and produced some humorous poetry!


RAMJOO'S DIARY, pp. 168-169
1979 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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