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Judith Garbett

Mani told us that it is deplorable how much we neglect our inner self. We are so industrious about our outer self, going on diets, exercising, and so forth. But we are not giving our inner self attention, not exercising the little self-denials, neglecting opportunities for the day-to-day little sacrifices. There is the imbalance — we are all outward emphasis. We look away from our real selves.

Mani said that one of the radio programmes they listen to is of beautiful songs. Just recently a favourite of hers was sung, the words being 'Once in a while, now and then, turn around and look at yourself.' She said we need to meet ourselves, have a nice talk. We are apt to forget that the inner self must be taken care of, that we must stop now and then in the race of daily living and remember the inner purpose of our being — remember Baba.

So on a regular basis, Mani said, turn and look at yourself, and remind yourself of Baba.


LIVES OF LOVE, Mani, Part 1, p. 1
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