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Eruch Jessawala

28 January 1970

Next term you will be busy starting another course at the university — a seminar. What a funny thought I just had — to have a course in the comparative study of the life of the same Ancient One who comes among us again and again! What a game He plays with us!

We compare the matchlessness of one Advent with the matchlessness of another of the very same Ancient One! Well, can't we indulge in such a game when He as Meher Baba told us one day at Guruprasad the weakness of each of His past Advents? Well, I repeat it here. Baba said:

1) The weakness of Zoroaster was that He did not 'spare' the life of the man who killed Him while He was absorbed in telling beads.

2) The weakness of Rama was that He discarded His wife Sita just because a 'dhob' (washerman) started spreading rumors that Lord Rama kept Sita with Him although she had been away from Him with King Ravana in Ceylon, as though this was proof that she was unpure.

3) The weakness of Krishna was that He had to give a glimpse of His Universal Body to Arjuna when Arjuna did not believe in His advice on the battlefield.

4) The weakness of Lord Gautama Buddha was that He did not disclose to His close ones the states of Perfection after Nirvana — the Goal.

5) The weakness of Lord Jesus Christ was that while He was on the cross He cried out, "O God why hast Thou Forsaken Me?"

6) The weakness of Prophet Mohammed was that He did not disclose to the public nor to all His close ones that He and God are One and the same.

7) The weakness of Avatar Meher Baba will be told in the next Advent by the Ancient One when He comes back again after 700 years.

This is also a facet of comparative study. Can you guess what the weakness of the present Avatar was?


LETTERS FROM THE MANDALI, Vol 1, pp. 74-75, ed Jim Mistry
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