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Judith Garbett

Breakfast time at the Meherazad dining table with Baba held intimate memories for Mani. While Mehera was attending to His needs, and others were busy helping in one way or another, Mani had the radio before her, ready to turn it on when Baba wished. To regale Him, she also kept beside her some notes and jokes and interesting clippings from newspapers.

'One morning at breakfast,' said Mani, 'I had before me a letter from Max Hafliger of Switzerland with a question for Baba. Baba was finishing His tea while Mehera, standing behind His chair, was preparing to comb His hair — so gently and lovingly that each beautiful strand seemed to receive her special personal attention.

'Max had enclosed in his letter a 2" x 2" picture of Fallenfluh, the mountain in Switzerland where Baba had sat in seclusion for His work in 1934. Max wanted to know exactly where on the mountain Baba had done so. I placed the picture before Baba, and He looked pleased to comply with the request. But when He placed His finger on the picture to show where He had sat, the end of His finger covered the whole mountain!

'Thinking that He hadn't heard me right, I repeated the request — "Where did you sit, Baba?" Once more His finger covered the mountain.'

So in her reply to Max, Mani told him: 'Baba was sitting all over Fallenfluh.' So unlimited is His Presence.


LIVES OF LOVE, Mani, Part 3, p. 3
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