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William Donkin

Baba gave us men all a little talk this morning [8/4/40], starting on how we are resting, bathing, eating and generally enjoying life here [in Karwar]. He went on to say that it is easy to be in good mood in such circumstances, but not easy to keep cheerful when life is hard, and this we must do if we wish to serve and help others; i.e. if we love them. If one man gives up his only water bottle to 3 or 4 others who are in the jungle with no water, and dies in so doing, that is real love and sacrifice, but if all fight over it and the water is spilt, then all die.

Spirituality, said Baba, is character building — praying with wandering thoughts in any religion is humbug, but to keep one's poise in all situations, that is the aim of his teachings — otherwise why are we with him?


DONKIN'S DIARIES, Travels In India With Meher Baba, 1939-1945, Vol. 3, p. 116-117
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