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Mani S. Irani

On an earlier visit to Meherabad, a visitor asked me whether we felt that Baba's dropping the body at this time had been a 'miscalculation' on His part. The answer was an emphatic NO. It is we who hadn't reckoned for it, were completely unprepared, taken entirely unawares. And yet, looking back, we find that beloved Baba had prepared us, had given us many hints that now stand out glaringly in the light of the Event. But what He had disclosed with one hand, He had covered with the other.

As for instance, on the morning of that Friday the 31st of January (1969) Baba said to us, "Today is my crucifixion." But several times in the past He had said, "Christ was crucified once. I am crucified daily."

In November (1968) Baba told a visitor to Meherazad, "Come again in the month of July. Don't wait for me to call you; come without being called." We assumed it was His way of assuring the lover that his coming would not be postponed.

Long before the Darshan circular went out, Baba casually remarked that soon when He started giving His Darshan to His lovers, it would not be for a limited period but for all time. We interpreted this in different ways.

Whenever some lovers came to Meherazad hoping to see Him, Baba sent them word "Come for my Darshan in Poona — I will not be in seclusion then."

Just before the last family letter went out, Eruch pointed out to Baba that (considering the condition of His health) if He wished to cancel the approaching Darshan it was yet possible to do so. Baba smiled and said, "No, it is not to be cancelled. I will give my Darshan to my lovers. I will give it on my own terms."

82 FAMILY LETTERS, pp 348-349
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