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Bhau Kalchuri

"Do you know why America is inclined towards spirituality? Did you notice how Americans go on accepting different religious beliefs?

"There are many changes in Illusion. Orthodoxy becomes the outer aspect of any religion, connected with the illusory phenomenon of ceremonies and rituals. This orthodoxy requires change, but it is very difficult to change. And this change is also because of My Wish.

"You will find that in the world, particularly in American, this change is everywhere. When people see ceremonies from different religions, they are attracted to them. They also visit different places of religious pilgrimage, and they adopt these religions. They also go to ashrams, do meditation and yoga and adopt the ceremonies and rituals of these different religions.

"Why is this happening?

"It is My work. Nobody knows it. I am creating thirst in people, and because of that thirst, they just go here and there to find water. They are attracted by change. If you are thirsty, searching for water, and you see a pond with lotus flowers, you are attracted to it. You go to this pond, drink the water from it and remain nearby. But then, afterwards, because the water is not clean, you get sick. Your thirst is not quenched.

"Again you start searching, and you find another pond. But nowhere will your thirst be quenched. For the present, people are going here and there. They are going to the ponds. They are going to the rivers. They are going to the streams. But their thirst cannot be quenched, because I have created that thirst so that people will come to the Ocean.

"I am that Ocean, and everyone will have to come to the Ocean. Ultimately, the world has to come to Me.

"When My Universal Manifestation takes place, people will see all these changes drowned in My Ocean. Only thirst will remain, and people will drink the water of the Ocean, not that of the ponds.

"Rituals and ceremonies are like ponds and dirty water. Ashram activities are like rivers, but without water, only sand. When My Universal Manifestation takes place, the streams and ponds will become rivers, and all the rivers will be flooded and proceed towards the Ocean.

"Do you understand now why the restlessness in the world is increasing, and why many people of the world are searching for God?

"They go here and there to find God. They leave one change and adopt another change. This is My inner work. For the present, people face restlessness, confusion, calamities, difficulties, suffering and different undesirable situations. But whatever is happening, it will take people towards the Real Awakening. Therefore, have courage and be brave in My love. Everything will be all right, though it will take time.

"Remember this: Whatever you face in the world, I am facing it along with you. I will never leave you. I am always with you. I am everything for you. I am your Friend, I am your Mother, I am your Father, I am your Brother, and I am also your Beloved. You are always safe, and My duty is to protect you all from all illusory calamities. It is for the best."

I recall only this much; other things I have forgotten. I tried to remember, but it is not coming back. If it does, I will let you know. Otherwise, I am forgetting something very good for America.


AWAKENINGS, pp. 323-324
2011 © Bhau Kalchuri


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