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Bhau Kalchuri

The Avatar is the source of everything and his silence is the source of all words — mental, subtle and gross. Meher Baba observed that the world's consciousness was reverberating loudly with the sounds of darkness out of proportion, thus causing imbalance in the world. So Meher Baba observed silence, as human consciousness was already too deeply involved with the language of darkness, and the ordinary human mind did not have the capacity to understand the language of Light.

The Avatar worked silently in seclusion to release the language of wine, which contains his love, so that mankind's consciousness could regain its balance.

The language of wine has the power to burn away the language of darkness, and it has the power to take any man toward the language of Light. Wine is a silent language, but it is very powerful, for love can wipe away the emptiness and vulgarity of the language of darkness.

An intoxicated person talks more than usual. Because of the intoxicating effect of the language of wine, the speed of the human mind's activities is increasing, and there is more and more chaos in the world. The speeding up of the human mind, resulting in confusion, however, is a sign that the world is ready to move into a new balance.

The time will soon come when the whole world will be rebalanced, because the Avatar has worked for the rebalancing of consciousness, and mankind will be ready to accept the God-Man's help. A new balance in the world and mankind's conscious acceptance of God's help will be the Avatar's manifestation, and each person will experience his manifestation in the proportion of his love for God.


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