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On February 4th, in reference to the cold weather that was reflected in the men's moods, Baba called them to His upstairs room at the Mahant's and spoke on the subject of moods, doubts and suspicions in relation to Plan III. "It is but natural and no one can deny," He explained, "that physical illness, lack of sleep, hunger, thirst, etc., produce mental despondency and a depressive state, which at times upsets the mood and makes one moody. This condition will not be considered as a fault, but if it arises out of anger and irritation, because of putting up with hardships, deprivations, etc., then it will be deemed a fault. Such a fault will not be tolerated.

"I have complete freedom to send those under Plan III anywhere, or order them to go under any of the other plans at any time in the future, or I might take with me a few companions wherever I go, in the East or West, leaving the rest behind somewhere. If doubts and suspicions as to these moves and orders arise in your minds due to your selfish, faulty and ill-conceived ideas and notions, then you will be considered as 'disobedients.' In the New Life under Plan III, physical stay with me has no importance and value, compared with the implicit obedience to my day-to-day orders and the 100 percent following of the original conditions."

Baba then asked the men companions to think again whether they wished to remain with Him, and all were unanimous in their determination to stay.


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