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Mani Irani

We do not need to see what the year holds, we need only to hold fast to the Seer. All we have to do, Baba tells us, is to hold on to Him with unshakable faith and love — all who are attached to Him, whether deserving or otherwise, are bound to reach the goal.

He gave the simple illustration of a goods train: every wagon that is linked to the Engine, whether it contains gold or rubble, gets borne to the Terminus. But many are the jolts and distractions along this journey with God, and He has to keep warning us "hold fast — hold fast" as He pulls us along.

He has provided us with the means to hold fast. He has given us the love that feeds our faith. Faith is like a lighted lamp, it shines only in the dark. And while its brightness is proof of darkness, its light reveals His grace that keeps it burning.

Those who deprive themselves of the light of God's grace by their blind unbelief, are nevertheless never deprived of His compassion. Baba recently commented to the mandali: "Jesus said 'Father forgive them for they know not what they do.' I say 'Father have pity on them for they know not what will happen.'"

To His lovers, Baba says: "I alone Am. Remember me wholeheartedly. Repeat my name constantly. I am with you." Over and over again His lovers experience the sublime truth of His being the Slave of the love of His lovers. With every wholehearted call of BABA!, His reply I AM HERE materializes.

He is with each one at all times, but asks us to wake Him up with remembrance. He says, "I am in each heart but I am sleeping there. It is my old, old habit. In order to awaken me you should always call out to me, saying 'Baba, Baba, Baba' continuously. Then I, who am in your heart, will not find any pleasure in remaining asleep. Let alone sleep, I shall not find time even to doze!"


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