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Bhau Kalchuri

God is a thousand times closer to each one of us than our very breath, and God loves us more than we can ever love ourselves, for he is us and there is nothing besides him. The Infinite is the only One who exists, and what appears to exist is nothing but illusion. This life is illusion and it is false. Illusion creates duality and because of the impact of this duality upon our lives, it is easy to forget God and become absorbed in the illusion.

Our very lives are an illusion and the state of the world and the state of human consciousness is in a mess as a result of our unnatural sanskaras. Illusion has become a mess; it is like trash now; yet we remain absorbed in it, not realizing what it has become, because of our accumulated unnaturalness. Creation is now a trash heap of unnatural sanskaras. Trash has become our very life; it has become our very consciousness. Since our consciousness is filled with the trash of unnatural sanskaras, the world has forgotten God, and this is the result of our unnatural state of consciousness. To remember God is the original, natural state of man.

The world has fallen into a heap of garbage and humanity cannot find its way out of it. The Avatar's universal work was to lift humanity out of the mess that the world has become. But first he had to make each individual aware of the Mayavic mess.

People are seeing gradually that the whole earth has turned into a garbage heap. It is not the pollution of the earth, it is the pollution of mankind's consciousness! This is why there is such restlessness throughout the world and confusion in the minds of men everywhere. Those who feel restless now see the mess that the forces of Maya have produced, and they long to escape it. It is for them that the Avatar is cleansing consciousness, by burning away the garbage of unnatural sanskaras. When this garbage inside every human being is smelled burning all over the world, then humanity will know that fire of the Avatar's purifying love is manifesting.

When this fire spreads over the whole world, humanity will shed tears and cry out in repentance. "Where are you, God? God, where are you?"

His silence will break, "I am with your tears."

These tears will be his manifestation, and through these tears humanity will recognize him, and how much he suffered to rid the world of unnatural sanskaras.

The tears he gives to humanity will be of his greatest grace, for the tears will contain the sight of his manifestation when the Father sheds tears for his children! Tears of love will recognize him, so tears are his greatest gift. Tears are what removes the veil to see him manifest. Tears hold the sight of him.

Oh Meher Baba, how you have suffered to give tears to the world! How valuable are these tears; how valuable these tears will be! How precious the tears are by which you manifest. Oh Meher Baba, to give tears to the world you crushed your own body into pieces, and left the stains of your blood for us to kiss! It is by your tears that you will manifest. Oh Meher Baba, how blessed are those who see that you are with their tears.


2003 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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