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Bhau Kalchuri

Kaka was bedridden for a few days in Manjri Mafi after his heart attack, but one day, in a depressed mood, he decided to leave the New Life and end his life elsewhere.

Without a cent in his pocket and without informing anyone, he began walking in the direction of Rishikesh, intending to go to Kali Kamaliwala Ashram, where food was provided. Setting out, he asked directions from a man who was kind enough to walk with him in order to show the way.

After going some distance, they passed a restaurant where the man invited Kaka to join him for tea, but Kaka, being without money, had to decline, and so he walked on by himself. After covering at least six miles, he stopped at a stream for a drink. He was exhausted, so he sat down on the ground and pondered the New Life conditions and his oath and he began to have second thoughts. He suddenly felt that he must return to Manjri Mafi right away. He stood up and looked around to get his bearing, and to his amazement, he realized that he was on the exact spot from where he had started that morning.

It was evening when he returned, having been away for hours, which was unprecedented in the New Life. He immediately went to see Baba and told Him about his attempted escape.

"Where will you go?" Baba asked, "You cannot go anywhere. You cannot even die. You fool, you still have a long time to live!"

Despite how difficult the New Life had become for him to endure, Baba's response gave Kaka the strength to go on.


MEHER BABA'S NEW LIFE, pp. 331-332
2008 © Bhau Kalchuri


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