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Bhau Kalchuri

One day Baba asked me to write something and I said to him, "Baba, I am neither a writer nor a poet. I don't know the language properly. Why do you give me such work? There are many good writers and poets in India, and if they come to you they would write sublime things."

Baba considered this and then asked, "Do you know any of these writers and poets?"

"Yes, I've heard of them," I answered. "They're very popular."

"All right," said Baba."Write to them about me, and if they are interested I may call them." So I wrote letters to several well-known poets and writers.

Baba appeared anxious to bring them in his contact, and I naively thought that they would definitely come because Baba was showing so much interest in them. After a few days, polite letters were received from a few of the people that I had written to. Their letters were read out to Baba, which he was happy to hear, but he did not give any instructions to be conveyed to them.

I felt disappointed. I was convinced that some of these writers and poets would come in Baba's contact, so I sent them Baba's messages and also wrote personal letters to them on my own.

Again I said, "Baba, I'm sure some of these famous literary people will definitely come to you, and if they come they will write very sublime things about you."

Baba listened and inquired, "Do you have any of their writings?" When I answered that I did, he asked me to bring them and read them out to him.

I did so, and Baba commented, "What is there in these writings? It is mostly dry. Only the language is good, nothing else. Is there any flow of love? Tell me the truth."

I kept quiet and Baba gestured, "Never write to them again. They will not come to me."

He then continued, "Do you think I ask you to write in vain? Do you have any idea about your writing? There is a flow of love in it; it flows and flows. Remember that I like your writing. What more do you want?"

After that I just kept quiet and continued writing.

1984 © Bhau Kalchuri


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