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Mani S. Irani

December 31, 1961

Hello, dear Kitty,

This letter will be a snow goose and fly to Canada specially with a special load of love to you from Meherazad. We miss you very much particularly on these occasions, Kitty — birthdays, Christmas, etc. The pattern we used to observe in the old days has changed a lot in a subtle way, but fundamentally it still holds good. For instance, Baba comes from His room much later in the mornings, so there is not the early-morning rush and dressing up, etc., as before. But the inevitable sweet dish from Naja for breakfast is always there — there was Sev [a sweet dish like cream of wheat] on both birthdays for the mandali and us, and on Christmas morn He gave a prasad of chocolates to each. There was also a special treat for lunch on the birthdays, sent by our dear Gaimai with Meherwan and Meherjee who came up for their weekend. And as usual of course there was so much of it we had it for supper too.

We didn't make a Christmas tree this year, but Rano was just as busy making a table arrangement from some lovely folding paper cut-outs that Ivy had sent us — tall, white angels (that we placed on each side of the tall, white candle) and a Nativity scene that was fascinating in each little detail (even to the little mouse on the thatched roof of the manger)! As usual Baba enjoyed it with us, and then called the boys (mandali) over to admire it too and gave them each the chocolate prasad and had the little golden music-ball play "Silent Night" — a Swiss musical toy the Campens had brought on their little visit to Meherazad.

Before I could steer my thoughts to another Family Letter I set to clear up some overdue correspondence and also to spring-cleaning the office cupboards (your wardrobe cupboard has now shelves put in it to hold the files and stock of typing paper, etc.) so with Rano's help, got down to it yesterday.

Meherjee brought some delicious cakes for Christmas and birthdays and we sent some to Don and Padri and one chocolate cake to Dr. Pedersen (of the Booth hospital, who has been doctoring Eruch) and Gaimai had also donated an amount to the mission Nursery that the doctor is particularly fond of, and in his thank-you note he said we should have seen what a happy time the children had on Christmas!

Zillah and Jenny must be so happy to have you with them again and I hope you have a really nice time and a relaxation too. I expect it's always a white Christmas there and I like to think carol-singing is still observed as one sees in the Christmas cards. This year Ahmednagar also has had Christmas cold weather for the occasion and the mornings and evenings continue to be quite cold (it is 1 p.m. now and Rano for instance is sitting out in the sun with a coat on, but she also has a hat on so as not to get sunstroke). It has been terribly cold in northern India, and in Bihar where it was unexpectedly so, over 200 people have died from cold so far!

I've just brought Peter from a walk by the well and Mehera is feeding Mastan who is really a pet and a "baby" for his size! For some time Baba has not been for His morning walk (up to the mango tree) but we're trying to persuade Him to commence it again. Your letter had us anxious over Elizabeth's health, so were happy to know in her birthday greetings letter that she was improving. We hope she's soon her dear self again, and I'm sure she and Ruth miss you very much as also Margaret and the others who are at the Center for Christmas. Do tell dear Margaret that The Hobbit has arrived, was begun right away and is so very much enjoyed.

Have you seen the new wallet-sized calendar card for 1962? And on the back is a little picture of Baba and His saying "Nothing is Real but God. Nothing matters but love for God." Ella sent me a sample, and Dana Field has had a lot of them shipped. I think it's a wonderful idea — one can offer it to anyone, for its calendar value, and some time when the other side is looked at it may turn out to be just what the person was seeking.

Well, there's not much space left, but I've talked enough for all the space there was — please give my loving greetings to Jenny and Zillah, and accept heaps of love for yourself from all at Meherazad.



LOVE ALONE PREVAILS, pp. 579-581, Kitty Davy
1981 © Meher Spiritual Center


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