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That year, 1961, there was phenomenally heavy monsoonal rains in Poona and the earthen-work dam gave way. There were devastating floods, in some areas more than 20 feet deep.

One such area was a hospital where Naja, one of the women mandali, was recovering from a delicate operation. Before the flooding Naja thinks Baba visited her, but whether He did or He sent word, Naja was instructed against the expressed wishes of the surgeon, to leave the hospital the next day.

She said to the protesting surgeon, 'I can not explain but I must leave this place.' She returned to Bindra House in the rain, but before the flooding occurred.

The flood, when it happened, was sudden and completely submerged her room at the hospital, and thus if she had remained she would have surely drowned.

The floods caused great damage and some loss of life and when recounting this, it prompted a memory in Meherwan, of his mother telling him many years earlier that Baba's mother said to Baba, 'Merog, you say that there will be widespread destruction, so when you destroy Poona do so with water, not fire.'

She asked this because she was afraid of fire.

Baba simply responded 'Yes, yes mother. Don't worry.'


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