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Bhau Kalchuri

Good sanskaras are like jewels, and bad sanskaras are like iron chains, but both are still burdens around one's neck....

Now, the Avatar wishes to free both types of men from the bindings of good and bad respectively; and therefore he uses his divine free impressions or yogayoga sanskaras to nullify the binding sanskaric results in each man. This releasing of the sanskaric grip is motivated out of the Avatar's mercy, kindness and love. When he uses his yogayoga sanskaras to remove those binding sanskaras, he has to exert himself and make an effort to help by using his divine free impressions, and when he makes this effort it is called his work.

For this purpose, the Avatar takes upon himself the sanskaras of his universal work, and these yogayoga sanskaras are pure and free divine impressions that annihilate the binding sanskaric impressions in the universe. The yogayoga sanskaras are of Truth, Knowledge, Mercy and Love, and they remove the binding forces of falsehood, illusions, cruelty and hatred — in short, all the bindings of good and bad impressions.

Generally, according to the law of karma, the binding of bad karma is nullified by the binding forces of good karma, and vice versa. However, the Avatar's yogayoga sanskaras are such that they completely wipe out the bindings of both good and bad sanskaras. This act of wiping out both the good and the bad in the individual, by the Avatar, is called his grace....

When we love the Avatar, we automatically absorb the yogayoga sanskaras, and when he performs that duty toward the universe, he has to work to use those divine free impressions. When we are working, we work because our binding sanskaras force us to work, and because we are forced to work by the motivation of our bindings, we create more bindings, so we are never free.

The Avatar's duty is to make others free from their bindings and therefore, when he works he uses his yogayoga sanskaras to make others free from bindings, and to make provisions for each of them to be forever free. These yogayoga sanskaras, which are divine and free impressions from INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS, are nothing but the rays of the sun of his divine love!

The yogayoga sanskaras of the work of the Avatar exist to create love in the universe, to awaken humanity, to give a push in consciousness to everything, to give advanced consciousness of the planes, and to bestow God Realization. This is achieved, however, only after he has wiped out the binding sanskaras in each of us. When we love the Avatar, we receive those yogayoga sanskaras as his prasad.


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