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Dr. C. D. Deshmukh

Some yogis can perform miracles such as creating gold out of lead or iron. Others, if they wish, can even shake the whole world. But they are not perfect. Such yogis, because they are really far from perfection, get caught up in their own unmanageable powers. And they become like deer for a real Master to hunt.

The Master of perfection hunts them in the woods as it were in which they roam about, wandering hither and thither and generally whiling away their time in ignorant pursuits. And when the hunted ones pray for the right path, the Master shows it to them, thus saving them from rounds and rounds of lives which they would otherwise require in order to arrive at the further stages of the inner path. The Master can subdue and guide these yogis because his powers, unlike the powers of the yogis, are unlimited, though he seldom uses them. He is interested, not in the exercise of powers, but in the imparting of spiritual knowledge which is far more difficult and is the only thing of real value.

There was once a yogi who had acquired great occult powers. One day he went to a town and offered food out of a small bowl to the inhabitants. Thousands and thousands of persons partook of the rice given from his small bowl; but the bowl never emptied. And those who were amazed at his extraordinary powers began to admire, and follow him. As this yogi was thus misleading the people through his miraculous powers, a Perfect Master approached him and begged food from his well-renowned bowl.

Now the yogi according to practice was determined to give food to this newcomer until he was satisfied. But as he went on giving food the Master went on eating, never coming to a stop, until at last the yogi became tired of giving. The yogi then intuitively knew that he was now face to face with one who was spiritually much greater than himself. And as he realized this he was humbled, and surrendered himself to the Master, beseeching him to give him true spiritual insight. It was through this humility that he won the redeeming grace of the Master.

IT SO HAPPENED, pp. 130-131, ed. William Le Page
1978 © Meher Baba Foundation


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