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R. S. Singh Baghel

After starting from Kusmiliya a canal bridge was to cross by the bus of the group. That canal is called Hamirpur Branch and that is a big canal and that canal crossed the Orai Rath Road from west to east and when the bus crossed the canal bridge it had to take immediate left turn to be on the canal service road but suddenly bus went down into a pit about twelve feet deep and the author who was sitting by the side of driver and being bitterly afraid of the incident and presuming to be an accident cried upon the driver, "You killed all".

At the same moment the author saw the Beloved Baba who was sitting in a grave serious mood as if he were not internally present there and thinking of other things. When the author was seeing Baba, He directed to get the bus back and the driver at once obeyed His order to got the bus back on service road from that peculiar position.

Meanwhile Beloved Baba's brother Jalbhai suddenly got down through back window on the service road and was jumping and crying loudly with great joy and was saying, "Come down hurriedly and see the game of magic."

Mr. Jalbhai was indicating the peculiar position of the bus bending towards deep pit but was not disbalanced and did not reach down to the pit's lower surface actually it was hanging in the air and from the same position it had been made back on the service road by the driver.

After the bus came back on the service road, Beloved Baba instructed to stop the bus and called Mr. Kishan Singh of Dehradun who was responsible to maintain the diary of the whole tour and note down all the incidents occurred during that darshan tour, and he was directed to note the date, time and name of the place and after that he indicated to start the bus to ahead.


2010 © R. S. Singh Baghel


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