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Meher Baba (through Norina Matchabelli)

To those who had lost their way and had become desperate, the Master, through the disciple said:

"I will lead you through the dark night of the soul.
Give unto Me all your shortcomings.
I will lift you above them.

I am the ocean of Love.
You shall be redeemed.
You shall find my Peace."


"Accept my rhythm.
Come in tune with it without reservations.
It will lift you above your self.
Your inmost self is crying for help.

My rhythm of Truth shall redeem you.
It will open your heart.
It will give you new love.
It will initiate you in the scient [knowing] order of spiritual thought."

"I am the Light, producing order in everyone.

I am the Divine Will, in each and all.

I have descended into the world to serve you.

I can make man become what he cannot achieve by himself.

You need Me."


NORINA'S GIFT, pp. 68-69, Christopher Wilson & Charles Haynes
1997 © EliNor Publications


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