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Meher Baba

If you read the life of Krishna (a Perfect Master of ancient days) you will find that he often said, did, and ordered things to be done which seemed wholly contrary to common sense. He use to tell one thing to one person and contradictory things to another person; sometimes he would give conflicting orders to different people at the same time. Krishna used to bluff, lie and do all sorts of queer things, but solely for the upliftment of humanity. He was perfect and one in consciousness with God; so he found himself in everything and in everyone. Knowing the many diversified needs of man, he used different methods for different people.

Similarly, I use illusion to draw my disciples out of illusion. The West does not properly understand this as the East does. When there is no self-interest and no selfish motive, but only the intention of liberating others, whatever one may do, will not bind him with egoistic chains, or the others whom he would help. I have to use infinite means for my infinite work. So whenever I tell you to do something, however unusual, you may be sure it is always for your highest good.


AVATAR, pp. 129-130, Jean Adriel
1947 © Jean Adriel


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