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Bhau Kalchuri

[Baba speaking in His Silent Voice to Bhauji]

"Though I am not physically present, I am still duty-bound, and I have been doing My duty. You don't have any idea how people have come for spiritual training. I have brought them. They have chosen to be under spiritual training, not knowing what spiritual training is. If it were strict in the beginning, they would go away. Therefore, treatment should be given gradually, not all at once.

"Say that a man is suffering from a disease, and you know that it will take at least a month for him to be cured. If you give him a month's treatment in a single day, will he be cured? On the contrary, he will die. Therefore, you should be very, very cautious in giving treatment for the disease.

"What is your duty? Your duty is to make people in the spiritual training program ready to take treatment. If you do this, you are doing your duty, and you are pleasing Me, because you cannot give the treatment. My mandali members have been associated with Me for a long time, so you can make anyone ready to receive treatment.

"Still, Mandali members don't know that I have sown the seed of love in them, and I have watered the seed. Germination occurred. The seed became a plant, and the plant then grew into a tree. But you don't know this, because I do it secretly. One day, you will come to know. When that day comes, you will not see the world. You will see Me. And you will have no other duty. You will be free."


AWAKENINGS, pp. 205-206
2011 © Bhau Kalchuri


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