Meher Baba's Home in India

Seclusion Hill in Meherazad
1995 Mark Hodges

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The dome of Meher Baba's Tomb on Meherabad Hill Although Meher Baba traveled widely in the course of his spiritual work, he lived much of his life in west-central India, near the city of Ahmednagar less than two hundred miles from Bombay. Today, thousands of his followers make pilgrimages to Meher Baba's final resting place at Meherabad. Many of them also visit the nearby estate of Meherazad, where Baba lived his final years and his surviving mandali (close disciples) continue to reside.

Visiting pilgrims have the opportunity to meet informally with Meher Baba's mandali and fellow Baba followers from around the world. There is no formal program or spiritual practice taught at Meher Baba's home in India, other than mutual encouragement to cultivate God's loving presence in daily life. Visitors have the opportunity to take part in morning and evening devotional prayers at Meher Baba's tomb on Meherabad Hill.

The Pilgrim Center garden Several accommodation facilities have been established at Meherabad to provide room and board for visiting pilgrims. These centers are open for all but the hottest months of the year (March through June). Information about the exact operating schedule and the availability of reservations can be obtained by writing:

Pilgrim Reservations
Avatar Meher Baba Trust Office
King's Road, Post Bag #31
Ahmednagar (MS)

E-mail address:

The Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Charitable Trust is located in a compound near downtown Ahmednagar. This organization maintains Meherabad and Meherazad and carries out the terms of Meher Baba's will. The Trust sponsors a variety of programs for the poor, including free medical and educational services.

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